Union Issues and Resourves

Union Issues and Resources


PLAs and Shame on Bannering

Project Labor Agreements

Anti-competitive project labor agreements (PLAs) are special interest schemes that end open, fair and competitive bidding on public works projects. PLAs drive up the cost of construction by reducing competition and effectively excluding merit shop contractors and their skilled employees from building projects paid for by their own tax dollars.
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Shame on Bannering

“Bannering” is a union-generated publicity tactic that tries to pressure project owners into using union construction labor. The objective of “bannering” is to bully building owners into abandoning their contracts with nonunion construction firms. Instead, they seek to force owners to employ construction firms with union workers – often at higher costs and with restrictive work rules. The words “Shame On” directed at a building owner or businesses/tenants are intended to intimidate the target – nothing more. That’s why the campaigns are a scam.

Keep Colorado Construction Competitive (KC3) is a group of general contractors and subcontractors who have joined together to start telling the “other side,” that this is union organizing intimidation, not a “labor dispute.” While not at all intimidated by the bannering, the confusion among their clients has become enough an issue that it has to be addressed. Their customers know that using union contractors results in higher costs – because of the union dues, benefits contracts and the like. Building owners have made the business decision to control costs by using the most-qualified contractor. In many cases, that’s a merit contractor.
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