Code of Ethics


The following Code of Ethics shall be honored by every member of Associated Builders and Contractors Rocky Mountain Chapter:

Whereas, as members, we agree to uphold the Merit Shop Philosophy and Support the Preservation of Free Enterprise, which is the foundation upon which ABC was created and still operates today;

Whereas, as members, we agree to be mindful of our responsibility to ABC Rocky Mountain and fellow members, and through conduct of our businesses, demonstrate that membership in this association is an assurance of integrity, safety, and quality;

Whereas, as members, we agree to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and observe and foster the highest standards of safety and working conditions for employees;

Whereas, as members, we agree to comply with all laws and regulations governing the industry and our community;

Whereas, as members, we agree to dedicate ourselves to bringing together members of the construction industry and community at large in the bonds of fellowship, mutual understanding, and positive solutions;

Whereas, as members, we agree to develop our professional reputation on the basis of our direct experience and service provided;

Whereas, as members, we agree to support the training of skilled tradespeople for the future welfare of the construction industry;

Whereas, as members, we agree to promote the dignity and integrity of the profession;

ABC Rocky Mountain is a trade association dedicated to serving construction professionals throughout the state of Colorado.

Our mission:  The Rocky Mountain Chapter of ABC is dedicated to advancing the Merit Shop philosophy. We provide to our diverse member companies, their employees, and the construction industry, leadership, safety education, workforce development, advocacy, and other services to ensure members a competitive advantage.