Colorado Construction Career Days

Colorado Construction Career Days celebrated its 13th Year Anniversary in 2015 with nearly 600 students and educators attending the annual event. Since it began, over 20,000 students and educators have participated at the annual event. And over 5,000 volunteers have given their time, energy and support to help conduct the event for students to explore the variety of careers in commercial construction (building and highway), architecture, engineering, energy and allied fields.

The Colorado Construction Career Days is recognized nationally as one of the best Construction Career Days in the country by the National Construction Career Days Headquarters. The unique event is designed to provide high school students in 10th through 12th grade to become better acquainted with career choices and opportunities in the construction industry. Students actually have a “hands on” experience whether its driving a front loader, going up a scissor lift, putting up sheet rock, wiring an electrical box, experience carpentry by making a wood CD Case to take home, work with PVC pipe and mechanical systems, hook up a solar panel, work on an architectural project, experience a Lineman’s job and even build a masonry wall. They experience the tech side of the AEC industry with a BIM Activity, using the Total Station, surveying, the scheduling process, and design and create a landscape project.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, or are ready to volunteer or be a sponsor, visit their website.

Event day is Wednesday September 21, 2016 so mark your calendars!