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What's coming up on the ballot in 2018?

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Walker Stapleton 
For Colorado Governor

George Brauchler
For Attorney General of Colorado

Scott Tipton
For 3rd District Congressman

Doug Lamborn
For 5th District Congressman

Ken Buck
For 4th District Congressman

Mike Coffman
For 6th District Congressman


Proposition 110: Fund transportation for future economic development
Proposition Y: Create the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission
Proposition Z: Replace the Colorado Reapportionment Commission with the Independent Legislative
Redistricting Commission

Amendment 73: Increase state personal and corporate income tax 
Proposition 112: Require specified distances for new oil and natural gas developments from certain
existing areas

Amendment 74:
 Require compensation for property owner if a law or regulation reduces their property’s
fair market
Amendment 75: Increase campaign contribution limits
Proposition 109: Fund transportation infrastructure
Proposition 111: Reduce total cost for a payday loan 



ABC members gain the knowledge and representation needed to protect their companies from unfair and anti-competitive business practices. ABC's merit shop philosophy and fair and open competition political agenda ranks among the main reasons why companies join and remain in ABC.

"Merit Shop" is a way of doing business in which companies reward employees based on performance and encourage them to reach their highest level of achievement, and in which contracts are awarded based on safety, quality, and value, regardless of labor affiliation."
ABC is truly “The VOICE of Merit Shop Construction Industry.” ABC’s primary focus is fighting for the Merit Shop Construction Industry and Your Right to Fair and Open Competition.

For more information about what ABC is doing to fight for your right to work in Colorado, contact Mark Latimer, President & CEO at (303) 832-5812 or mlatimer@abcrmc.org.


ABC Rocky Mountain Chapter provides a vital service to you as part of your membership. The saying “get into politics or get out of business” has never been truer. To ensure that the interests of ABC are achieved, we have a multi-level approach, both in Colorado and in Washington D.C.

   Our Government Affairs Committee and lobbying team monitor legislation and legal proceedings, provides resources for grassroots participation and manages a political action committee. Together these three pieces make up a winning trifecta to keep you informed and make sure your voice is heard on the local, state, and national levels.


You don't have the time to track all of the action of the local, state, and national legislatures and regulatory agencies. ABC does work on your behalf to fight anti-business forces in Congress and the Colorado Legislature who seek to pass legislation that would be detrimental to the merit shop philosophy. Full-time lobbyists are operating on the state and national levels.


The members of ABC are kept informed through a variety of  publications and alerts. Legislative Action Alerts are sent to members on critical issues requesting action in a short period of time. In addition, legislative updates are printed monthly in the chapter's newsletter, the Merit Builder, highlighting legislative issues. The legislative update is broad based and covers not only legislative proposals, but also regulatory and administrative actions, which impact the industry.


ABC holds a number of events throughout the year that enable the members to interact with their elected officials. These are done through several different forums, including special legislative receptions, annual Legislative reception, and the monthly membership meetings. These events provide an excellent opportunity for ABC members to meet face-to-face with their representatives and to have meaningful dialogue on the issues of concern to the overall organization and each individual business. Chapter members also participate in ABC's National Legislative Conference held annually in Washington, DC. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with your Congressional members and visit our Nation's Capitol.


The Government Affairs program is more than a simple lobbying operation that represents our members’ interests when threats arise. Instead, the Government Affairs Department teaches and guides ABC members in direct political involvement, so members can protect and advance their interests on their own for the long-term. Direct involvement of contractors in federal, state, and especially local politics is the most effective way to preserve open competition and free enterprise in Colorado.

   ABC works through its Legislative Committee in the identification of issues and the establishment of policy on subjects that will affect our members. This committee is utilized to review legislation and meets to evaluate legislative initiatives to be considered by the Colorado General Assembly during its four-month session, take positions on these proposals, and communicates the position of the industry to the appropriate legislators or regulatory agencies.