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Improving Your Company's Safety - Safety Programs

ABC's safety programs and products help members maintain safer and more productive jobsites, one of the construction industry's most critical needs.

Safety Classes

The Rocky Mountain Chapter offers numerous safety training classes at the local level that satisfy OSHA compliance requirements and increase employee safety awareness. These classes cover a wide range of safety-related topics and include OSHA-approved courses.

Safety Classes are provided through our Construction Core Competency (C3)  program and can be taken as levels or as individual classes to meet your training needs.

Strengthening Company Safety Programs with STEP

ABC's Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Awards program was designed to help contractors establish an organized approach for developing a company's safety and loss-prevention program. STEP includes objective methods to measure safety program improvements. In addition to fostering a safer work environment, ABC's STEP recognition can be used as an important business development tool with clients. Members may submit a STEP application anytime during the year.

Safety Forum Meetings

ABC Rocky Mountain along with IECRM offers our members the chance to meet once a month and discuss topics important to the safety of our industry. All meetings will take place from 7:30AM to 9:00AM, locations will vary. To be added to the reminder list please email Kim (, all meetings are at no cost to ABC members.