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You make your money in the field…Have you equipped your Field Leaders with the tools they need to be successful?

Field Supervisory Skills - Workshop Series addresses the primary skills needed by today's field engineers, foremen, and superintendents.

“Good information in class. There are a lot of ideas to be passed on to the field guys as well as management teams.”
Jerry, Heating Plumbing Engineers, Inc.

"As a young foreman I’m always looking for ways to improve efficiency in both myself and my crew. The tools discussed today have shown me ways to increase my productivity and more effectively communicate with my crew.”
David, Project Forman, Merit Electric, Inc.

"I thought the instructor’s ability to relate the subject matter, by using examples relevant to our industry, was very effective and provided some idea on areas for personal improvement.”
Flint, Superintendent, Mortenson Construction

Classes are presented by Stephane McShane
Director at Maxim Consulting Group
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